ISS Mine Safety offers mining customers the DBA Silencing Exhaust System for haul trucks. DBA specializes in insulated exhaust systems that are safer and superior to OEM exhaust systems.

The various OEM exhaust systems have issues that result in downtime. Double walled exhaust systems heat up to above the flash point of oil creating a fire hazard. The exhaust needs to cool down before it can be worked on and the system is heavy and cumbersome. Customers are dealing with cracked pipes, cracked flanges, bellows failures and blankets that absorb a lot of oil.

ISS offers a solution to these issues by distributing and supporting DBA Insulated Exhaust Systems. Check out the features and benefits of this industry proven system.


  • Significant cost savings over OEM.

  • The segmented system allows pieces to be changed instead of the entire system.


  • Unique insulated exhaust is well below the flash point of oil.

  • Insulated exhaust protects maintenance workers and the engine compartment from the adverse affects of the high heat generated by the engine. Exhaust is cool to the touch so can be worked on right away.

  • The system is broken down in segments making it lighter and easier to work with.


  • Bellows are more durable 5 ply for extended life. Flanges are stronger. Mufflers are longer lasting and quieter.

  • DBA manufactures their pipes and systems. Customers using their system require less replacement parts.

  • Powder coating option is available that provides protection from pressure washing.

  • Replacement shields are available to replace CAT blankets.

Insulated Exhaust on Komatsu Haul Truck

Insulated Exhaust on Komatsu Haul Truck

Insulated Bellows

Insulated Bellows

Insulated Exhaust on Komatsu Haul Truck

Insulated Exhaust on Komatsu Haul Truck



We service the mining industry by re-powering and retrofitting mining haul truck exhaust systems. Test kits are available depending on the size of the fleet. Support is available to measure existing exhaust systems to ensure fit and we offer on-site support to assist with the initial install.


Some of the most popular Haul Truck models we can supply DBA Insulated Exhaust Systems for are listed below. For more information on this reliable, cost saving exhaust system contact us with your engine and truck model numbers.


793, 797


830, 930, 960, 980